Five Things I've Learned About Working Out At Home and Sticking To It


If you have made a lot of exercise routines and New Year resolutions in the past but have failed to keep up with them, you are not alone. Most people are the same and since workout routines at home don’t involve the pressure of a gym or a boot camp, these don’t pose that much of a challenge. However, home workout can be a great thing, and you just need a push to make it work. Following are five things that make home workouts successful and will make you stick to them: 

1. Get Creative and Use Exercise Games – Working at home means that you can work out watching your favorite TV show. In fact, you can use your favorite show to make you work out better and more efficiently. Just get creative the next time you watch the show. Make a list of events that happen a lot in your show and pair them up with an exercise. Now, whenever that event takes place, just pause your show and perform that exercise. Here’s an example of a Doctor Who exercise game – 

• TARDIS size is mentioned – 20 calf raises
• Talk about Alien biology or the Doctor’s twin hearts – 15 crunches
• The Doctor asks someone to run – 10 jumping jacks
• Plan B is used because Doctor’s rescue operation went wrong – 20 squats
• A Dalek appears – High Knee for 30 seconds
• Sonic Screwdriver is used – 15 triceps dips

You can make a similar exercise game for another show as well and increase or decrease the set frequency as per your stamina. 

2. Make a Timetable – Making a timetable helps to keep you accountable and makes you feel guilty when you don’t fulfill your workout routines at home. So, you must make one and try your best to stick to it. 

3. Use Measurements to Keep Yourself Motivated – Most people keep a track of changes in their weight, and that is where they are doing it wrong. Instead of that, you should keep track of how your measurements change for the better. 

Keep a small notebook and note down your measurements from every day. Watching them change would surely increase your confidence and would make you work out more enthusiastically. Weight loss is often slow and gets slower after the few weeks. However, inch loss is almost constant, even if it is by a small amount. It tells you that you are doing well and that is exactly what you want to hear. 

4. Always Start With Goals You Can Achieve – When you start your routine, you are really charged up and tend to overestimate yourself in terms of stamina and will. This is why you should start with an easy time table and slowly increase it. If you believe you can do 20 crunches comfortably and 25 with some effort, then start with 20. Increase the number later when you feel like it.

5. Visualize the Results – You are working towards a perfect body and often, thinking about that helps to keep you going. If your target is to look good in a two piece by the beginning of the swimsuit season, then visualize yourself in your two piece suit and think about how good you will look. This would motivate you to achieve that visual of yourself. 

Always keep your workout routines at home interesting and fun. Add elements you like doing and try different things, instead of just traditional workouts. If the day is good, go bike riding or jogging instead of sweating it out on the treadmill. If dancing is something you enjoy, put some Beyonce or Shakira on your music system and dance to your better body. 
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Disclaimer: Before starting any exercise and diet program, you should consult your physician.