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11 Mistakes I’ve Made While Trying to Lose Fat and Get My Health Back as a Busy Father, Husband, Corporate Worker (and the Workout Program That Set Me Straight) 

Turbulence Training

I’ve always had this problem of starting and sticking to a workout program because I was always too busy to keep working out. But what out is that I was being too busy to keep healthy. By the way I really new nothing of working out until I read Turbulence Training. Then after I went through the book and started training using it’s principles to start getting effective workouts 3 days a week.  I found out the following mistakes I made about myself.

I’ve never made an actual commitment to myself.  Probably one of the most important things to do. I’ve never once committed to any goals when starting my own workout program.

Never admitted that I needed to take time to myself to work out. Never, and I mean NEVER, have I had the guts to admit to myself that I need to workout. I alway’s thought I was invincible. However, that thought process disappeared in my mid thirties. Then I went into total denial for many years after that. Denial is a horrible thing. If I would admitted to myself sooner that I’m an aging fat bastard, I would've done something more effective sooner.

Never believed that short workouts are effective. I’m from the old school. I was bought up believing that insurmountable punishment and long bouts of it, is what makes you stronger. Boy, where my parents wrong. As long as you use your time effectively, you can get a great, hard core workout in a very short amount of time.

I never thought proper dieting is key. No two ways about it, diet is very important when trying to lose fat and lean out. Most importantly, it’s key to getting healthy.

I always believed that workouts have to be boring and not interesting. Yeap! Most of us are taught that working out has to be “something we just have to do” and we all sign on to that theory because we are told that my the mainstream media. Let’s face it, if you want to keep a good exercise habit that you can stick too, you have to like it. For many years I did work out’s I never liked. They were just horrible and I had no interest in them. After a short while I would give up.

I always believed that you need to have very long cardio sessions to lose fat and get lean. This is probably the biggest line of shit I’ve ever heard in my life and I believed it for so long. Never again. Let’s leave it at that.

I never really learned the right way to do strength training. I never really sat down and learned if I should be training with light weights and high repetitions or heavy weight and lower repetitions and the reasons for each approach.

I’ve always felt sorry for myself and championed myself as having not time to work out. I guess I thought I was too important to work out. Worst excuse ever. If you have a sedentary job like I do, with a lifestyle to boot, then we all need to make time to work out.

I’ve never thought what goes into a workout and what makes it effective. No two ways about it, you gotta maximize your workouts in the time that you have. While getting a good workout in while being busy became a challenge for me, I was too stupid to take the time to learn how to plan a workout that would make me feel good and get results.

I never developed healthy habits. Sure I’ve started work out and diet programs, but I never developed and incorporated other healthy habits into my life. Bad thought process on my part. To be a healthy person, you have to be healthy. That means lowering your stress levels, getting a good night’s sleep, etc.

I’ve never stuck to the basic strength training exercises. It seems that there are many elaborate exercises out there. They are great for bodybuilders perhaps but not for non professional athletes like me. It’s best to stick with the basic exercises.

So What’s This Turbulence Training Course You Mentioned Above?

So what’s nice about Turbulence training is that it basically helped me get a new insight working out, eating right and my overall approach to it. As I mentioned above, it took me a long time to get focused on what’s really important. This is really a great book to get an effective program that doesn’t take a lot of time during the week.

The book:

  • Tells you all about the program and why Turbulence Training works.
  • Shows you the exercises.
  • Clearly States the workouts.
  • Helps you get started on making a commitment to yourself.

Turbulence Training also provides extra’s such as a nutritional guide and body weight exercise programs, for those of us who travel.

What did Turbulence Training do for me?Click Here to get Turbulence Training

Besides providing me all the things I mentioned above, it showed me what a workout really is. It’s silly but the you’re supposed to push yourself and sweat when you work out. So this will do it. It also helped me get in shape to start training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Now if you think it will be an easy program, don’t bother to get this. However, if you think this may be something for you, then go here to take a look: Turbulence Training Website.


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I'm not a doctor, I'm just a person that works out and tries to eat right. See a doctor before starting any new exerrcise or nutrition program.